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No. Title of the Paper Author(s) PDF
1 Internationalization of Firms: An Analysis of South Korean FDI in India Anita Gill PDF
2 The State, Systems of Innovation and Economic Growth: Comparative Perspectives from India and South Korea Lakhwinder Singh and Kesar Singh Bhangoo PDF
3. Services Sector as an Engine of Economic Growth: Implications for India-South Korea Economic Cooperation Inderjeet Singh and Lakhwinder Singh PDF
4. India’s Labouring Poor in the Unorganized Sector: Social Security Schemes and Alternatives Sukhwinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh Brar PDF
5. Economic and Financial Consequences of Cancer from Patient's Family Perspective: A Case Study of Punjab Inderjeet Singh, Lakhwinder Singh and Parmod Kumar PDF
6. Growth and Structural Change in Indian Manufacturing since Liberalisation: An Interstate Analysis Niharika Sharma PDF
7. Agricultural Credit in Punjab: Have Policy Initiatives Made a Dent in Informal Credit Market? Anita Gill PDF
8. Service Sector and Economic Growth in Punjab Inderjeet Singh PDF
9. Critical Evaluation of Educational Development in Punjab Jaswinder Singh Brar PDF
10. Economic Development and Emerging Health Scenario in Punjab: In the Shadow of Global Forces and State Neglect Sukhwinder Singh PDF
11. Emergence of Innovative Manufacturing Firms across Asian Countries Lakhwinder Singh and Anita Gill PDF
12. Knowledge in Economic Growth of Developing Economies Manjinder Kaur and Lakhwinder Singh PDF
13. The Cancer Train: Inside the Hidden Tragedy of The Green Revolution in Malwa Region of Punjab Shantanu Nevrekar PDF
14. Towards all Alternative Strategy of Economic Development in Punjab Lakhwinder Singh PDF
15. Knowledge Spillovers across Developing Economies: Empirical Evidence Manjinder Kaur PDF
16. Industrial Innovation System in India: Interlinkage between R&D and Production Structure Deepika Chawla PDF