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 Dr. Suman Preet
Qualification Ph. D. (Lexicography), JNU, New Delhi, 2005
M. Phil. (Lexicography), Punjabi University, Patiala,1991
M.A.(Linguistics), Punjabi University, Patiala,1989
Certificate Courses in Computers, 1991-1992-1993


Area of Specialization i)Thesaurus Making
ii)Lexicography & Semantics
iii) Punjabi Grammar
Experience Reader, Linguistics and Punjabi Lexicography, Punjabi University, Patiala (March 2007-till date)
Senior Lecturer, Linguistics and Punjabi Lexicography, Punjabi University, Patiala (March 2002- Feb2007)
Lecturer, Linguistics and Punjabi Lexicography, Punjabi University, Patiala, (1995- Feb2002)

a) Indian Languages Corpora Initiative for Punjabi Language
    (DIT Funded)
b) Indradhanush WordNet for Punjabi (DIT Funded)
c) English-Punjabi Pocket Dictionary
d) Punjabi Shabad Kosh (Punjabi)- List of  
e) Ready Reckoner of Coastal Languages in Relation to
    Punjabi and Hindi - compilation work
f) Thesaurus: Theory and Practice (editing & proof reading)
g) Linguistic Parameters for the Unicode of Punjabi Script
    (editing & proof reading)
h) Samnam Kosh (Dictionary of Homonyms) (proof reading
    and improvisation)


i. Published Works:
a) Lexicography: A Semantic Study (English)
b) Lo: Shabad Sagar (Punjabi)
c) A Thesaurus of Punjabi Words and Phrases on the Concept of Light (English)

ii Recent Research Papers:
a) Thesaurus: a Network of Conceptually Arranged Vocabulary with special reference to Roget’s Compilation published in Rainbow of Linguistics (Vol. II)
b) Nighantu: the Dawn of Thesaurus for Gaveshna (2010)
c) The Birth of An English Thesaurus (2005)
d) Prepared a Learning Object Repository on Nighantu for EMMRC (2006)
e) The Lexicographic study of Concept in Nighantu (2011)
f) Corpora Collection and Validation: An Overview (2009)
g) Language Specific Issues in Punjabi WordNet (2011)
h) Punjabi WordNet: Problems and Challenges (2011)
i) Punjabi WordNet Relations and Categorization of Synsets (Collective 2010)
j) The Variations found in the ‘Phonetic Chart’ of Punjabi Language (ILCI 2010)
k) Synset Structure of Punjabi WordNet (2011)
l) The Study of Lexico-Semantic Fields in Thesaurus (2011)
m) Thesaurus Methodology for Punjabi Language (2006)

(iii) Review:
Punjabi- Anglo Dictionary by Kulbir Singh Kang et. al. published in ‘Khoj Patrika’ March 2005 No. 61

i) Translations of Mahan Kosh (Sikh Encyclopaedia) published by Punjabi Uni. Patiala (total ten pages)
ii) India: A Fable by Raja Rao translated in Punjabi (proof-reading)
iii) Eyes are not Here by Ruskin Bond- Translation in Punjabi under process

(v) Lesson Writing:
Approximately 34 lessons on Linguistics for the Department of Correspondence Courses Punjabi University, Patiala from 2003 onwards

(vi) Edited Publications:
a) Punjabi-English Dictionary published by Punjabi University, Patiala.
b) English-Punjabi Dictionary published by Punjabi University, Patiala.
c) Sanskrit-Punjabi Dictionary published by Punjabi University, Patiala.
d) School Level Punjabi Dictionary (one of the compilers and member editorial board) published by Punjabi University, Patiala

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