Future Plans
Long Term
    1.  Punjabi Language and New Information and Communication Technologies.                    
    2.  To set up a comprehensive database for Punjabi Language, especially for documentation,
         lexicographic and word processing purposes.
    3.  To develop the present 'Centre for Teaching of Punjabi as a Foreign/Second Language' into a
         Centre of International eminence.
    4.  To start research activity in areas such as Punjabi Language and New Information and
         Communication Technologies, Language and Media, Computational Linguistics,
         Psycholinguistics and Forensic Linguistics etc.
Short Term
  1. To prepare a multivolume  comprehensive  monolingual dictionary of Punjabi Languages.
  2. To prepare a comprehensive grammar of Punjabi.
  3. To prepare high quality teaching material for teaching of Punjabi as foreign/second language.
  4. To prepare a comprehensive Punjabi-English Dictionary.
  5. To prepare a comprehensive English-Punjabi Dictionary.
  6. To conduct a new Dialect Survey of Punjabi Language.
  7. To prepare a comprehensive Dictionary of Punjabi spellings.
  8. To prepare technical  technical vocabularies for different subjects.
  9. To prepare dictionaries of Punjabi dialects.
  10. To prepare dictionaries based on occupational vocabulary.
  11. To prepare multilingual dictionaries.
  12. To publish special volumes of Pakha Sanjam.
  13. To develop Punjabi Computer training centre.