Projects in Hand
(a) Departmental Projects
1. Punjabi Kosh (Higher Education)
2. Punjabi-English Dictionary (3rd Edition)
3. French-Punjabi Dictionary
4. Punjabi Kosh
(b) Personal Projects of Faculty
Dr. Joga Singh
1. Chomski : Jivan te Rachna, 'Chomski : Life and Works' .(Punjabi Academy, Delhi)
2. Panini : Jivan te Rachna, 'Panini : Life and Works'. ( Punjabi University, Patiala)
Dr. Suman Preet
1. Indian Languages Corpora Initiative for Punjabi Language (DIT Funded)
2. Indradhanush WordNet for Punjabi (DIT Funded)
3. English-Punjabi Pocket Dictionary
4. Punjabi Shabad Kosh (Punjabi)- List of  
5. Ready Reckoner of Coastal Languages in Relation to Punjabi and Hindi - compilation work
6. Thesaurus: Theory and Practice (editing & proof reading)
7. Linguistic Parameters for the Unicode of Punjabi Script (editing & proof reading)
8. Samnam Kosh (Dictionary of Homonyms) (proof reading and improvisation)
S. Gurbax Singh
1. Punjabi vich aa Rahe Naven Shabad, 'New Lexical Borrowings in Punjabi'.
Dr. Chirag Din (Anwar Chirag)
1. Punjabi-Urdu Kosh, 'Punjabi-Urdu Dictionary'.
2. Sufi Chintan Sandarbh Kosh, 'Reference Dictionary of Sufi thought'.
Dr. Devinder Singh
1. Hindi-Punjabi Common Vocabulary
2. Punjabi-Kashmiri Common Vocabulary
3. Recall Vocabulary
4. Canadian Fairy Tales- A Paralell Translation.
Dr. Paramjit Kaur Bedi
1. Punjabi di alop ho rahi shabdawali, 'Vanishing Words in Punjabi' (Punjabi-Punjabi Kosh).
2. Mohan Singh: Sandharbh Kosh.
3. Gurdial Singh: Sandharbh Kosh.
4. Book: Sikh adhiyan di roop rekha, 'Outline of Sikh Studies'.