Ph.D. Dissertations
  M.Litt. Dissertations
  M.Phil. Dissertations

1. Contrastive Phonology of Punjabi and Tamil Baldev Raj Gupta Dr. H.S. Gill
2. Semiological Patterns in 'Akal ustat' Paramjit Singh Sidhu Dr. H.S. Gill
3. The Semiological Patterns in the legends of Mirza Sahiban. Satinder Aulakh Dr. H.S. Gill
4. A Grammatical Study of Time and Tense in Punjabi Joginder Singh Puar Dr. H.S. Gill
5. Semiological Patterns in the Myth and Rituals of Sanjhi Surjeet Singh Dr. H.S. Gill
6. A Comparative Study of the Verb Phrase in Punjabi and English GK Sekhon Dr. H.S. Gill
7. Patterns of Significance and Expression : A Stylistic Analysis of Kamla Das's 'My Story' Iqbal Kaur Dr. V. Parkasham
8. The Semiotics of Faulkner's 'The Sound and the Fury' Ranbir Singh Dr. V. Parkasham
9. A stylistic analysis of GB Shaw's Historical Plays. Jagjit Singh Komal Dr. V. Parkasham
10. Semiotics of Birth Ceremonies in Punjab Ranjit Singh Bajwa Dr. H.S.Gill and Dr. Surjeet Singh
11. The Semiotic Universe of Ernest Hemmingway's 'For whom the Bell Tolls' Jaspal Singh Dr.H.S.Gill and Dr.S.Vaidyanathan
12. A Descriptive Grammar of Salani Shridhar Parshad Dr.S.S.Joshi
13. Problems in Teaching Urdu as a Second Language (Error Analysis) Shamshad Haidar Zaidi Dr. Atam Singh
14. The study of Hindko in its Social Context Satnam kaur Dr. Atam Singh
15. The Cultural Myths as Defence Mechanisms in 'The Serpent and the Rope' of Raja Rao. Parminder Singh Dr.H.S.Gill and Dr.S.Vidyanathan
16. Between the Non-violence of Malguddi and the Violence of Jungle : The Semiotics of Human Struggle in RK Narayan's Novels Nazar Singh Sidhu Dr. Surjeet Singh and Dr. H.S.Gill
17. Patterns of Linguistic Variation in Social Context in Mulkhraj Anand's 'Coolie'.   Upvinder Singh Dr. Surjeet Singh
18. Semiotic Study of Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New world' and George Orwell's 'Ninety Eighty Four'. Mohinder Pal Upple nee Sidhu Dr. Surjeet Singh and V. Parkasham
19. As you like it and Hamlet : A Comparative Lexical Study. Arvind Khanna Dr. V. Parkasham
20. Semiological Patterns in the Fairs of Punjab. Harinder Kaur Dr.Surjeet Singh
21. The Conceptualization of hero in the Legends of Raja Rasalu : A Semiotics Study. (in Punjabi) Gurdish Kaur Dr.Surjeet Singh
22. Semio-linguistic study of Balwant Gargi's plays (in Punjabi) Devinder Singh Dr.Surjeet Singh
23. Aspects of Pedagogical Linguistics : A case Study of English in Punjab. Setjit Kaur Dr. V. Parkasham
24. Semiological Patterns in Phulkari. Jaspreet Kaur Dhillon Dr.Surjeet Singh
25. Dynamics of Punjabi Syntax Chanchal S. Kamboj Dr. S.S.Joshi
26. Stylistc and semiotic study of legend of Hasam (in Punjabi) Sukhjit Kaur Dr. S.S. Joshi and Dr. Surjeet Singh
27. Some aspects of Puadhi Grammar (in Punjabi) Daljeet Kaur Dr. S. S. Joshi
28. The Semiotic Structure of the Rites of Passage in Punjabi Society. Urmil Goel Dr.Surjeet Singh
29. Semiotic stuudy of the tales Bandits of Punjab (in Punjabi) Dharminder Singh Dr.Surjeet Singh
30. An Exploration into the conceptualisation of Man, Society and the Forest in the Folk Tales of the Punjab. (Punjabi) Amarjit Kaur Dr.Surjeet Singh and Dr. S.S.Joshi
31. Sambandhaki Viakaran ate Punjabi Vak Rachna de Pakh. (Punjabi)   Buta Singh Brar Dr. Joga Singh
32 Hindi Language Teaching in school of Punjab (in Hindi)   Gurjeet Kaur Dr. Joga Singh
33 Stylistic study of the Prose of Narinder Singh Kapoor (in Punjabi) Rajinder Singh Dr. Buta Singh