For any country to prosper, it is essential that its youth should be oriented in the right direction and be in the best state. With every passing day, our moral values are suffering erosion. On one side, the evils of dowry, foeticide, drug addiction and crime are degrading the society; on the other, our environment is degenerating on account of various kinds of pollution. The situation is a big challenge to the capabilities of our best experts, who are trying hard to fight it out. Our youth needs to inspired in the best possible manner and awakened to the urgency which the present situation demands.
The NSS is an institution with which as many as 30 to 35 Lakh young people are involved. In Punjab alone, there are 1,57,175 persons under the wing of the NSS and the Punjabi University boasts of 28,000 on them . Unimaginable transformation can be wrought by merely turning the minds of this great engine of youthful power to constructive thought and activity.
I am pleased that the NSS in Punjabi University is performing a leader’s role towards this objective. Whether it is a question of raising the voice against social evils, or of helping and training the people in an hour of disaster or catastrophe, the NSS here has always led from the front and set new examples.
I call upon the entire NSS family to convey the real meaning and significance of this scheme to the wider public, and I hope you will continue to inspire the students and scale ever greater heights.
(Dr. Jaspal Singh)