If there is, outside the sphere of conventional education, any mode of education that teaches the greatest and singular lesson of humanity, it can be found in the motto of the NSS. The NSS is a scheme that stands on a real solid ground: it is neither empty oration, nor politicking. An NSS volunteer rises above her or his personal interests and can speak of the universal human welfare and well being it is a countrywide scheme that has steadily nurtured human resources and promoted the affairs of the youth. The NSS does not just signify a particular kind of collective physical activity or a specific type of dissemination of ideas; it stands equally for the promotion and development of the finer arts of volunteering as well.
Punjabi University has always taken pride in the fact that our NSS volunteers have given exemplary performance in camps ranging from the local and rural ones to those of the international level. We feel honored that the Vice-Chancellor of our University is an embodiment of the spirit of service. He has inspired the NSS department to organize camps for helping the people faced with the ravages of floods and other calamities in these and other ways he has guided the department to set new examples in its mission of service.

(Dr. Paramvir Singh)
Coordinator NSS