Vice-Chancellor opines.... _ _ Moving with the times
Internet, inter alia, has recently emerged as the biggest, the largest, the strongest and the greatest tool of sharing information, changing in the process, the arithmetic of economics, contours of cultural landscape and intricate patterns of social fabric. For those who are wary and skeptical of its enormous presence have to accept the

fact that everybody is going online, so we might do that as well. With the advent of internet or online journalism, time has come full circle with one skilled person now potent enough to do all kinds of job of writing, editing, printing and marketing with unexpected ease on that. It has redefined and respelled the whole world of mass communications, and continues to do so with added vigour, transforming the concept globalization into glocalization - localization of global and globalization of local news.

It will be fair to say that online journalism caters more to the newly emerging genre of “active users” than “passive consumers” of information. It is also tantamount to the end of the ever-persisting cold war between the media gatekeepers and the PR managers over the as-yet-unadulterated devilish catchphrase of “space constraint”.

I regard the starting of the Online Punjabi University News Bulletin by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication as a seminal venture in its futuristic development. It will immensely help its students to stay tuned to one of the latest trends in mass communication. I strongly appeal to the University fraternity to use it as a mainstream newsmedia for a developmental projection of the University affairs.



Today, we are sitting on the edge of swiftly changing patterns and contours of Mass Communication with "always welcome" logo of ever-expanding cyberspace staring at us. Not many decades ago, what all it was ! Pens, notebooks, rotary dial telephones and old typewriters that refused to type many of the atypical characters, symbols and designs even of the ordinary dictionary.

Today, it is digital ink on silicon paper,with convergence replacing singularity of actions, virtual reality replacing the physical reality, and multimedia mix replacing media mix, cruising along Marshal McLuhan's global village. The changing demographics and psychographics vis-a vis a spate of unforeseeable advancements in the sphere of new media technological systems, coupled with whimsical marketing strategies in the world of internecine competition, calls for a better and "most" cost- effective alternative to the conventional newspaper industry.

This is what we call online newspaper. The media students at the moment are grappling with an unprecedented onslaught of aggressive changes in mass communications, which they need to adapt themselves to. And it has been a tradition with our department to change with the changing times. It has always "tried" to rise to the occasion to provide the students with suitable and befitting opportunities to equip them for facing the challenges galore. The online edition thus, is an addition to the conventional lab journal that the Department has been regularly brining out.

The Online University News Bulletin is an effort to expose our students to the relatively newer world of newspaper publishing. In addition, it will also help projecting the multi-dimensional developmental trajectory of the University in shape of activities and achievements, while keeping the University's inner and outer publics posted with much sought-after information on various fronts

Dr. Gurmeet Maan