Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC/OBC Students


  1. Documents to Be attached with PMS Form(2018-19)
  2. Guidelines for PMS SC and OBC(2018-19)
  3. Regarding Income Certificate(2018-19)
  4. Notice regarding opening of PMS SC and OBC Web portal session 2018-19
  5. Regarding PMS Mid Term Review(2017-18)
  6. Sectioned Cases Under PMS(2017-18)SC and OBC Students
  7. Notice For Post Matric Scholarship Students (Session 2017-18)
  8. Notice Regarding Opening of Portal From 22-01-2018.Click for Details...
  9. Regarding Sectioned case submitted on dated 12-12-2017
  10. Regarding Sectioned Cases and form Submitted (Session 2017-18)
  11. Guidelines for SC/OBC students session 2017-18
  12. SC Scholarship
  13. OBC Scholarship
  14. How to Apply
  15. Important Notices