Date - Sheets of  September/December - 2015

Important Information
New Center List March/April/May 2016 (Annual Examination)
New All Classes Special Examination Permission due to clash with PCS /SS Board /Indian Airforce etc. 
New B.Com/B.Com Professional Special Examination Permission  due to clash with C.A/C.S upto date 23-02-2016
New Important Information regarding M.Phil./P.H.D. Examination
NEW M.A Hindi Sem-I Paper-III Postpone
NEW M.Ed. Sem-I Psychology of Learning & Development(212) Postponed to 2nd January,2016
NEW Important information regarding Cancellation of M.A.Sem-III Religilous Studies Paper-8 Option(2):Part-B Interpretation of Gurbani & Lecture (1067)
NEW Important information Regarding Postponement of Physical Education Paper of  B.A Sem-III dated:23-12-2015
NEW B. Lib Supplementary Exam
NEW B.Sc.Sem-1st & 3rd Special Exam for NCC Students
NEW BCA Sem. 6th Prepone Exam
NEW M. Lib. Supplementary Exam
NEW Revised Notification No. 5
NEW Revised Notification No.10
NEW Important information regarding Postponement of  M.Com Finance Sem-I & III and M.Com. Hon's School Five Year Integerated Course Sem-I,III,V,VII & IX  Exams.
NEW Syllabus of Examination of  B.C.A. Sem-I & III Datesheet & Information regarding Datesheet of B.C.A.Sem-V
NEW B.C.A Sem-I & III Datesheet for Regular Student Dec/2015 same for  B.C.A.Sem-I & III Reappear Students Dec/14
NEW Information Regarding Special Chance Candidates for B.C.A. Sem-I & III
NEW Information Regarding Postponement of  M.A Hindi Part-I (Semester-I ) Exam. Dated: 17.12.2015  for Private Students




Sr. No.


New B.Com. Part-I, II & III Annual
New M.B.A. Sem-II Preponement Exam.
New B.A. Part-I (Annual)
New B.A. Part-II (Annual)
New B.A. Part-III (Annual)
New B.A.L.L.B. Five Year Sem-VII Special Exam
New B.Ed.(One Year Course) Sem-I Special Exam
New B.A.Hon's Sem-I Social Science
New B.A.Hon's School Sem-III (Political Science, History, English, Dance & Gurmat Sangeet)
New B.B.A. Sem-III, V & M.B.A. Integrated Course (Five Year) Sem-V Revised
New B.C.A. Sem-I (According to 2013 Syllabus)
New B.Com. Professional Sem-I & III Special Exam.
New B.Com. Professional Sem-I (Paper B.C.P.-104) Special Exam.
New B.Com.Sem-I (Paper-B.C.-105) Special Exam.
New B.Com. Sem-V Special Exam.
New Bachelor of Laws (Five Year Course) Sem-III Reappear
New B.A. Sem-I (Reappear) Revised
New B.Voc.(Industrial Waste Treatment Technology) Sem-I
New Bachelor of Laws (Five Year Course) Sem-VI Preponement
New M.A. Part-II History Special Exam
New M.Phil & P.H.D. Sem-I Physiotherapy Course Rescheduled Paper Detesheet
New B.P.E. (Three Year Course) Rescheduled Paper
New M.Phil & P.hd Date Sheet-1 Re-revised
New M.Phil & P.hd Date Sheet-2 Revised
New B.A.L.L.B ( Five Year Course) Sem-VII & Sem-IX
New M.Phil. & P.H.D. Sem-I Pharmaceutical Sciences & Drug Research Course
New B.Pharmacy Sem-VII Special Exam. Revised
New B.Sc. (Mathematics Computing) Sem-I
New Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (P.G.D.C.A.) Sem-I
New B.Sc. (Biotechnology) Sem-V Special Exam.
New M.B.A. (Distance Education) Sem-III
New M.B.A. Integrated Course (Five Year Course) Sem-I
New Bachelor of  Laws (Five Year Course) Sem-I,III,V,VII & IX Reappear Exam. Revised
New Diploma in Gatka Coaching (Sem-I) Paper-III
New B.A. Hon's Social Sciences Sem-I,III & V  Reappear
New B.Sc. Sem-II Chemistry Paper-1: Inorganic Chemistry (According to May 2015 Syllabus)
New B.Sc. (Biotechnology) Sem-IV
New Bachelor in Tourism Management (B.T.M.) Sem-VI Preponement Exam.
New Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication Sem-I,III & V Reappear
New B.A.Sem-III Reappear (According to December 2014 Syllabus)
New M.A. Part-II History Special Exam.
New M.A. Sem-I Economics & Education Special Exam.
New B.Voc. Food Processing & Engineering Sem-III
New B.Sc. Sem-III Mathematics Paper-I & II ( According to 2013 Syllabus)
New B.Com.(Accounting & Finance) Sem-V Special Exam
New Bachelor of Laws (Five Year Course) Sem-II,IV & VIII Preponement Exam.
New B.C.A. Part-II Environmental Studies Paper
New B.C.A. Sem-I
New B.Sc. (Mathematics,Computer Applications & Management) Sem-I Reappear
New B.Pharmacy Sem-II,VI & VIII Preponement Exam.
New B.Pharmacy Sem-VII Special Exam on Medical Basis
New M.Tech. (E.C.E.) Sem-IV (Part Time-U.C.O.E.) Preponement Exam.
New B.Tech (Computer Engg.) Sem-V & VII Special Exam.
New B.Tech. (E.C.E.,M.E.,C.E. & Civil Engg. Sem-II) & B.Tech (E.C.E.) Sem-IV Preponement Exam.
New M.B.A.(Two Year) Sem-IV (May 2015 Syllabus) Special Exam C.C. Candidates
New B.Com. Sem-III & V Special Exam on Medical Basis
New LLB Sem-II ,IV & VI Preponement Exam
New B.A. Hon's Social Science Sem-VI Preponement Exam.
New Bachelor of Accounting & Finance (B.A.F.)  Sem-VI Preponement Exam.
New M.Sc. I.T. Sem-I Reappear (According to Dec-2014 Syllabus)
New B.A. PART-II (ANNUAL SYSTEM) For Sports Students
New B.Com Professional Semester - III & V
New B.A.Hon's Sem-III
New B.Sc. ( Computer Science,Statistics & Mathematics ) Sem-VI Preponement Exam.
New M.Tech Sem-1st, 3rd & 5th _Regular & Part Time_ Reappear Exams. Uni. College of Engg
New M.Tech Computer Engg Sem 1, 3  5 _Regular, Part Time & Reappear of Yadvindra College of Engg
New B.A. Part-III September Exam. Reschedule of Hindi & Mathematics
New B.Sc. Sem-V Reappear Mathematics Paper (2014 Syllabus)
New M.B.A Global Business Sem-I & III Reappear
New M.B.A. ( Financial Markets ) Five Year Integrated & M.B.A. Applied Sem-I & III Reappear
New M.B.A Five Year Integrated Course Sem-I & III
New M.A. Religious Studies Sem-III Revised
New M.B.A. Sem-I & III Reappear (Distance Education)
New B.P.T Part-III Reappear Revised
New B.A.Hon's Social Sciences Sem-I (English Communication-I Paper)
New B.Tech. ( C.E.,E.C.E.M.E. & Civil Engg. ) Sem-I Reappear Special Exam.
New B.Tech. ( C.E.,E.C.E.M.E. & Civil Engg. ) Sem-III & V Reappear(Common with Five Year Engg. Mgmt.) Revised
New B.Ed. Special Education (M.R.) Sem-I Reappear
New M.Com.(Hon's School,Five Year Integrated) Sem-I & III Reappear
New L.L.M. One Year Sem-I Reappear Revised
New L.L.B. Sem-III Three Year Course Reappear
New Post Graduate Diploma in Child Care & Skill Development Sem-I
New M.Sc. I.T. Sem-I & III Reappear
New B.C.A. Sem-I & III Reappear
New M.A. Hindi Sem-I Allready Cancelled Paper Hindi Schedule New Only For Private Candidates
New B.Com. Professional Punjabi Paper Compulsory (Elementary Knowledge) Revised
New Diploma Course in Computer Engineering,Electronics& Communication Engg.& Mechanical Engg. Sem-I & III Revised
New M.B.A. ( International Business ) Sem-I Re-revised for Paper-117 Business Communication Seminar/Workshop
New Certificate Course in Business Analytics (Six Month Course) Revised
New B.Com. Sem-IV Preponement Exam
New B.Sc. (Maths,Computer Applications & Management ) Sem-I & III Reappear Revised
New PG Diploma in Journalism,JMC,Health Fitness Trainer,Yoga(Sem-I) Revised
New B.A. Hon's School Economics Sem-III & V Reappear
New B.A. Hon's School Sem- I Reappear Exam
New B.A. Hon's School Sem- III Reappear Exam
New B.A. Professional Sem-I Reappear
New B.A. Sem-III Reappear (Physical Education Postponed Paper Schedule)
New B.Ed. (Annual System ) Part-I & II Reappear Exam
New B.Ed. Sem-I & II (One Year) Reappear
New B.Ed. Sem-I & II
New B.Pharmacy Sem- I III & V Reappear Exam
New B.Sc. (Maths  Computer Applications & Management ) Sem-I & III Reappear
New M.A. (Defence & Strategic Studies  Hindi  English) Sem-I Reappear
New M.A. Hindi  Sem-III Reappear
New B.Sc. Sem-I , III & V Revised
New B.A. Hon's T.V & Film Production Sem-I Reappear
New Certificate Course in Bakery Cookry (Six Month Course)
New Diploma in Food & Beverage Service,Food Production Service,Computer Hardware & Networking,PG Diploma in Dress Designing & Tailoring Sem-I
New PG Diploma in Folk Dances of Punjab, Punjabi Lok Sangeet & Sufi Sangeet,Social Impact Assessment,Women & Child Development, Diploma in Gatka Coaching Sem-I
New Diploma in Divinity,Library Science,Food Production Service,Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science,Insurance & Banking, Certificate Course in Computer Applications (Six Month Course) Reappear
New B.A.Professional Sem-III & V
New B.Sc Agriculture (Four Year) Sem-II
New B.Sc Agriculture (Four Year) Sem-I & III Reappear
New B.Voc. Sem-1 Revised
New B.Voc. Sem-3
New BA _Hons_ TV & Film Production Sem 1-3
New M. Ed. (One Year Course) Sem-1 & 2nd (Reappear)
New Master of Leadership Development Sem-1 & 3
New M.A. ( Women Studies ) Sem-I
New B.Sc Hon's Chemistry Sem-III
New B.P.T. Annual Part-II & IV
New B.P.Ed. One Year Course Sem-I & II
New B.Tech. (T.V., Film Production & Media Technology) Sem-I, III & V
New B.Sc. ( Hons ) Physics Sem-I Revised
New B.Sc Hons Chemistry Sem-1 Revised
New Bachelor of Library & Information Science Sem-II & Master of Library & Information Science Sem-II Revised
New P.G.D.C.A. Sem-II
New B.Ed. (M.R.) Two Year Course Sem-I
New M.A History & Hindi Part-I Sem-I  Postponed Datesheet Revised
New Bachelor of Library & Information Science Sem-II & Master of Library & Information Science Sem-II
New B.Sc.Agriculture (Four Year Course) Sem-I, III, V & VII Re-revised
New B.Sc. Home Science in Human Development Sem-I & III
New M.A. Journalism & Mass Communication Sem-I & III
New B.Sc. (Fisheries Science) Sem-I
New M. Com. Sem-I Business Economics Paper ( Reappear ) for other State Candidate
New B.Sc. Hon's School in Mathematics Sem- I & III Revised
New P.G.D.C.A Sem-I Revised
New Diploma Course in Hindi (For Foreign Students)
New B.B.A. Sem-I, III, V & M.B.A. Five Year Integrated Course Sem-V Revised
New M.Sc. I.T. Sem-I & III
New B.Sc Agriculture (Six Year Integrated Course) Sem-I, III, V, VII & IX Revised
New B.Sc. ( A.T.H.M.) Sem-I, III & V
New B.Sc. ( Fashion Technology ) Sem-I, III & V
New B.Sc. ( H.H.M ) Sem-I (Reappear), Sem-III (Regular) & Sem-V (Regular) Revised
New M.Sc. ( Statistics ) Preponement Exam. Sem-IV
New B.Sc Tourism Management Sem-III
New M.A (Hon's School in Economics) FYIP Sem-I & III
New M.A (TV & Fim) Sem-I & Sem-III
New M.A. ( Business Economics ) Sem-I & III
New Bachelor of Hotel Management (B.H.M.) & Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management (B.T.T.M.) Sem-I
New M.B.A. ( International Business ) Sem-I
New M.B.A. ( Dual Degree) Sem-I
New B.A. Sem-III Revised
New B.Sc. Home Science Sem-I, III & V
New M.A.English Preponement Sem-IV
New M.A.Theatre & Television Sem-I & III
New L.L.M. One Year Course Sem-I
New Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights & Duties Sem-I
New Certificate Course in Business Analytics (Six Month Course)
New B.P.T/M.P.T. Sem-I & III
New B.Sc. Hons School Sem-V
New B.A. Hons School Economics Sem - I & III
New M.A.(All Subjects) Sem - III
New M.B.A. ( Global Business ) Sem - III Revised
New M.A. Indian Dances Sem-I & III
New M.Tech. ( Computer Engg.) ( First-Third ) Regular & Part Time and Semester-V Part Time Revised
New M.Tech. ( Electronics & Communication Engg.) ( First-Third ) Regular & Part Time and Semester-V Part Time
New M.Tech. ( Mechanical Engg.) ( First-Third ) Regular & Part Time and Semester-V Part Time
New B.Com Accounting & Finance Sem-I, III & V
New M.B.A. (Correspondence Course Two Year Program) Sem-I & III
New B.Sc Agriculture (Six Year Integrated Course) Sem-XI
New M.A. Education Sem-I & Sem-III
New M.A. Music Vocal,Music Instrumental & Fine Arts Sem-I & Sem-III
New L.L.M. Sem-I & Sem-III Revised
New B.Com Prof. Re-appear Sem-I
New B.Com Prof. (Regular) Sem-III & Sem-V Revised
New B.A. Hons Journalism,Mass Communication & Media Technology Sem-I & III
New B.J.M.C Sem-I III & V
New B.Com. Hons Sem-I
New B.Sc. Agriculture Four Year Course(Business Mgmt) Sem-Ist & IIIrd
New M.Com. Sem-I & III
New BA Hons. School Pol.Sc,History,Pbi,English,Gurmat Sangeet & Dance Semester-5th
New BA Hons. School Pol.Sc,History,Pbi,English,Gurmat Sangeet & Dance Semester-3rd
New BA Hons. School Pol.Sc,History,Pbi,English,Gurmat Sangeet & Dance Semester-1st
New B.Sc. Math, Comp App & Mgt Sem-1st, 3rd & 5th
New B.Sc.Computer Stat & Math 1,3 & 5
New BLib,M.Lib. Sem-1st
New M.Sc. Agriculture Agronomy  Sem-1, 3
New Master in Airline Tourism & Hospatality Mgt. Sem-1 ,3
New MSc Food & Nutrition Sem 1, 3
New MSc Sem 1st
New MSc Sem-3rd
New MSc. Botany _FYIC_ Sem-1, 3,5,7
New MSc.Sports Coaching Sem 1,3
New MSc Fashion Design & Technology Sem 1st,3rd
New MSc Fashion Technology Sem 1, 3
New L.L.B. Three Year Course Sem-I III & V
New B.C.A. Sem-I,III & V
New B.Sc.(Biotechnology,Bioinformatics,Industrial Microbiology) Sem-I,III & V
New M.Com Finance Sem-I & III Revised
New M.Com. Hons School Five Year Integerated Sem-I,III,V,VII & IX Revised
New M.A. Social Work Sem-I & III
New L.L.B. Five Year Sem-I,III,V,VII & IX
New M.Tech.( C.S.E. Deptt. of Computer Science) Regular & Part Time Sem-I,III & V Revised
New B.Ed. Sem-I
New B.P.Ed.Two Year Program C.B.C.S. Sem-I
New B.P.Ed. III Year & Four Year Course Sem-I & III
New D.P.Ed. Sem-I & III
New M.A.Gurmat Sangeet Sem-I & III
New M.B.A.Two Year Sem-I & III & M.B.A. Five Year Sem-VII & IX
New M.Ed. Sem-I Revised
New M.P.Ed. Sem-I & III
New MA/MSc Psychology Sem-I & III Revised
New Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology Sem-I Revised
New M.C.A. Sem-I,III & V
New Five Year Integrated M.B.A (Fanancial Markets) &  M.B.A (Applied) Sem-I,III,V,VII & IX Revised
New M.A. Sem-I  M.A. Sem-III
New B.A. Sem- I   B.A. Sem-V
New BA Hon's Social Science Sem-I,III & V
New B.Com. Sem-I ,III & V
New B.Tech. Sem-I,III,V & VII