Information - Practical Date - Sheets of April- 2015

NEW Performa for Practical Examiners
NEW Important Information Regarding Special Centre for Practical Exam 2016-2017
NEW Important Information Regarding B.Ed. Practical Examination
NEW Important Information Regarding Practical Examination




Practical Date - Sheets of November/December- 2015



 Sr. No.  Date- Sheet
New B.P.E. (Three Year ) Part-III
New B.P.Ed. (Four Year ) Part-III & IV
New B.A. /  B.Com. Part-II & III
New B.Voc Sem-III
New Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication Sem-III & V Re-revised
New B.Ed. Special Education Sem-I (Cross Disability & Inclusion)
New M.Sc.Agriculture (Agronomy) Sem-I & III
New B.A. (Hon's.) Journalism & Mass Communication Sem-III Revised
New B.A. Professional Sem-I, III & V
New B.Sc. H.H.M. (Industrial Training) Sem-III
New M.Sc. Geography Sem-I & III
New Master of Leadership Development (M.L.D.) Sem-I & III
New B.Sc.Agriculture Sem-I & III (Punjabi Viva)
New B.Com Accounting & Finance Sem-III Practical Viva
New B.Com Professional Sem-III Viva (Reappear)
New M.Sc. I.T. Sem-I Revised
New M.Sc. I.T. Sem-III
New M.B.A. & M.B.A. (Global Business) Sem - I & III
New M.Com. Finance Sem-I & III
New B.Sc. (Agriculture) Six Year Integrated Course Sem-III,V,VII,IX & XI
New B.Sc. (Agriculture) Four Year Course Serm-VII
New B.Sc.(Agriculture) Four Year Course Sem-V
New B.Sc. (Agriculture) Four Year Course Sem-III
New B.Sc. (Agriculture) Four Year Course Sem-I
New B.P.Ed. Two Year Course Sem-I
New M.Sc. Physics Sem-I & III
New M.Sc. Microbiology Sem-I & III Revised
New M.Sc. Food & Nutrition Sem-I & III Revised
New M.Sc. Biotechnology Sem-I & III Revised
New M.A. ( Education ) Sem- I & III
New B.A./B.Com. Sem-I & III
New Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga & Post Graduate Diploma in Health Fitness & Trainer
New M.Sc. Chemistry Sem-I & III
New M.C.A. Sem - I, III & V
New M.Sc. ( Fashion Design & Technology ) Sem-I
New M.Sc. ( Fashion Design & Technology ) Sem-III
New M.Sc. ( Fashion Technology ) Sem-I & III
New M.Sc. ( Sports Coaching ) Sem-I & III
New M.Sc. Botany Sem-I & III
New M.Sc. Mathematics Sem-I
New M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Sem-I & III
New M.Sc. Zoology Sem-I & III
New B.Voc.(Software Development, Food Processing,Food Processing & Engineering,Retail Mgmt.,Fashion Technology & Industrial Waste Treatment Technology) Part-I Sem-I
New Diploma in Dress Designing & Tailoring Sem-I
New Diploma in Food  & Bewerage Service Sem-I
New Diploma in Food Production Sem-I
New Diploma in Hardware & Networking Sem-I
New M.Ed Sem-I
New BSc (Home Science) Human Development Sem- I & III
New B.Sc Hon's School Course in Economics Sem-III
New B.F.S.C.(Fisheries Science) Sem-I
New B.Sc. A.T.H.M. Sem-III & V
New B.Sc_H.H.M. Sem-V
New B.Sc_Fashion Technology_Sem-I, III & V
New B.Sc_Hon's Chemistry_Sem-I
New B.Sc_Hon's Physics_Sem-I
New MA Dance_Sem-III
New MA Fine Arts_Sem-I & III
New MA Music Vocal_Sem-I & III
New B.Sc.(Bachelor of Hotel Management ) Sem-I
New B.Sc. (M.C.M.) Sem-I,III & V
New B.Sc. (C.S.M.) Sem-III & V
New B.Sc (C.S.M.) Sem-I
New B.C.A Sem-I (Practical Pending College List)
New B.J.M.C Sem-I III  V
New B.A Hon's JMC Sem-I III
New B.C.A Sem-III
New BCA Sem-I
New P.G.D.C.A Sem - I
new B.Sc. Part - I ( Sem - I ), Part - II (Sem - III ) & Part - III ( Sem - V )
new B.Sc ABM Part-I (Semester-I)
new B.Sc Home Science Sem-I, Sem-III & Sem-V
new M.Sc.Sports Coaching Part-II Sem-IV Project Report VIVA
new B.A. PART- I , II & III September Exam
new Certificate Course in Yoga (Three Month Course)
new P.G.D.C.A. Sem-I