Entrepreneurship in India is having a lot of potential yet to reveal. It will not only make India a developed country but will also prove the intelligence and dedication of Indians towards their goal.

With this vision, The Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Cell, Punjabi University, Patiala wishes to inculcate the entrepreneurial and skill enhancing environment in India starting with the Punjab.


  1. Helping Students in observing & understanding various opportunities & threats around them through various seminars, motivational lectures & challenging events 'n' activities.
  2. Helping students in giving shape to their dreams by understanding their IDEA and helping for the setup by giving group of supports and services like physical facilities, technical support, business management support, financial services, networking support and other supporting services.
  3. To create a constructive atmosphere in the campus so as to develop the university as well as the students.
  4. To combine youth brigade to work for the social economic development of our country.
  5. Giving a proper knowledge/ skills to our students for entrepreneurship development.