E-Summit (Crispolatieia2k14)

At Crispo 2k14, E-club was introduced for the first time which has now taken the form of EDC.
The basic Idea behind the club was to promote entrepreneurial and business skills during the annual fest. The club of 50 members oversaw 10 different events throughout the 3 days of the fest. These events included competitions like:

  1. B-plan competition
  2. Startup diaries
  3. Speak the way
  4. Monopoly
  5. Pocket Master
  6. Crowd-funding
  7. E- Champ
  8. Quiz Bee
  9. E Gyan
  10. Launching Era

The first time introduced E-club had highest number of registrations during the fest. The enthusiasm of the participants and the team members was more than memorable. Every event winner was given cash prize and a certificate of excellence to appreciate their participation. There was around 300 participation which was the largest participation till date of thr fest in a particular club. And gathering was around 15000-2000 students of Punjabi University and near about universities. Each team member received a certificate of appreciation. The experience of managing different events and administrating the formalities was new for most of the team members. Hence the primary focus of the club was to help every member enhance their skills. The club went on to have a very co-operative and nurturing environment and ensured a very successful participation at Crispo2k14.