Group Discussion

Group Discussion are an important procedure of selection for many companies. They are key procedure of selection for IIM's.
Keeping this in mind ESDC organized a series of Group Discussions and rated the students according to their respective performances in order to give them a proper feedback on their speaking and communication skills. The first Discussion was on the topic "Job v/s Business". One discussion group consisted of 8 participants. The topic was aggressively tackled by everyone. Some were in the favor of job while others were for business. The pros and cons were discussed in detail during the entire session. One session on this topic lasted for about 30 minutes. The total gathering of the event is 220 students of different year.
When everyone had participated in the first discussion round. A second round on the topic "Dictatorship v/s democracy" was conducted.
While the first discussion was focused on sorting out the communication skills of the participants, the focus of the second round was to see the logical reasoning of the students.
The pragmatic theories and observations presented by the participants was one of key factors involved in the marking procedure. At the end of both the rounds a small talk was conducted by our guest lecturers. A small presentation on the things to keep in mind during a group discussion was discussed for a short while.
EDC acknowledges the fact that 80% of a person's success depends on his/her soft skills. While the technical skills are practiced over the entire 4 years of the college, majority of the students are deprived of any exposure for the improvement in their soft skills.
EDC continues to provide that exposure and focuses on the overall skill development of the students.