Motivational Seminar

Akash Gautum Seminar- "Talk Dil Se"

EDC organized a motivational seminar in association with career launcher. The seminar was given by Mr. Akash Gautum, a well-known motivational speaker in India who gave a talk called "TALK DIL SE".
Mr. Gautum focused primarily on guiding the college youngsters on properly managing their daily to daily life. His talk further included topics on the role of fitness and social groups in our daily routines and how it goes on to affect our lives as middle aged workers. The talk went on to describe how the daily routines can be classified into a portfolio containing 5 segments.

  1. Career
  2. Hobbies
  3. Relationships
  4. Spirituality
  5. Fitness

If energy is divided equally and put into all these segments equally, Mr. Gautum described; can help coming out of depression or even at times prevent the depression all together.
He went on to further explain that if from time to time someone fails in one segment, he will have another segments to fall back on and hence can help in keeping a strong mental fortitude during hard times.
Addressing the crowd, the speaker went on further to explain what kind of a role relationship plays in our college lives and how to maintain and create appropriate social circles which can help you develop a proper personality.
He then explained the perks of exercising daily and how fitness leads to a successful career in general. The talk ended with just an advice to let go of things that don't add up productively in your personality or you ambitions. Mr. Gautum advised everyone to follow their logical reasoning and make the best decisions according to them whenever an opportunity presents itself. The seminar was attended by 1205 students of Punjabi University and around colleges.